Meet the Team

Michael James Mette

Michael James Mette is a fresh new face with a bold, energetic style that speaks directly to a "Guitar Hero" generation. His presentations are dynamic and spirited, as he is able to draw from his rich prayer life and solid catechesis to present the Gospel message in a fresh, authentic way. His diverse music style allows him to offer both a contemporary sound on the acoustic guitar, along with an "engaging" element on his electric guitar. MJM's commitment to discipleship, evangelization and love for his Catholic foundation is what stands out most, not only to the teens and young adults, but to parents and educators as well. In 2010, MJM will be releasing his debut album and presenting around the country the lenten mission "forty days of praise."

Bryan Murdaugh

Bryan Murdaugh is a Catholic dad, youth minister, songwriter, and musician. He lives in Irmo, South Carolina, USA with his wife, Cindy, his two daughters, and his son. Bryan is ready to supply young people with spiritual concert experiences, praise and worship, liturgical accompaniment, or storyteller sessions. Bryan writes many of the psalms, helps direct Modern Psalter, and brings lots of enthusiasm and encouragement.

Joel Stein

Joel Stein is a Catholic singer/songwriter who believes in his mission as a man of faith. He strives to live everyday committed to God, his family, his work, and his Church. His debut CD titled Always Forward, (available via iTunes) released July 2007, expresses his passion for his faith in 14 smart, fun, and inspiring songs. With a focus on "hope" and "Heaven," Joel has much to share about God's work in his life. He currently resides in the St. Louis, MO, area with his beautiful wife and two daughters. Joel helps to mix, write, and record the psalms for Modern Psalter, and manages the website.

Marykate MacEgan

Marykate is a graphic designer based in the Sacramento, California area. She graduated from college in May of 2001 with a degree in Graphic Design and has been working as a print and freelance designer / artist since graduation. She has extensive experience in both many media, including print, apparel, the web, and mixed media. Marykate designed this site and makes Modern Psalter a more beautiful place.

Jean-Rémy Duboc

Jean-Rémy Duboc currently lives in Southampton, England, working towards a Web Science PhD from the School of Electronics and Computer Science. He's also an artist, and expresses little emotions and grand philosophico-spiritual ideas by writing songs and poems, taking photos and drawing. He loves learning about everything (especially math, design, music, and programming). Oh, and Jean-Rémy contributes psalms to Modern Psalter.

Michael Keppel

Michael Keppel holds a doctorate in civil engineering, though he currently writes computer software out of his home in Illinois. He started playing guitar at the age of 8, and his musical talent has grown to encompass classical and 12-stringed guitar, as well as the banjo and Russian balalaika in college, and now the bass drum in a bagpipe band. For a number of years, Mike served as the director of a Catholic church choir unofficially dubbed the "Congregation-Friendly Ensemble" where he strove to lead song at Mass in keys and ranges that were singable for everyone. This philosophy has carried over into his psalm writing, which began when his parish music director expressed the need for true-text music. Mike is otherwise kept busy as a husband and father of 6.

Ron Haeske

Ron Haeske is a singer/songwriter/musician who has been a worship leader and music minister for many years. He was raised Methodist, became a worship minister in the Assemblies of God, and a few years ago became Catholic. His wife Judy has always been Catholic and is also very involved in ministry at their parish in Saginaw, Michigan. While in the Assemblies of God, Ron worked in youth ministries and set all 150 psalms to song, along with most all of the New Testament. Since becoming Catholic he is writing new verbatim psalm settings for use in his local parishes and Charismatic Renewal Center. He has also written a new mass setting, a song version of the Stations of the Cross and hundreds of praise and worship songs.

Victor Havel

Victor Havel studied Voice and Organ at the University of New Orleans where he received his B.A. Victor has been writing songs since he was 15. Victor is fascinated by the church modes, which can be heard in his settings; he also employs pentatonic melodies based on Chinese and Indonesian scales. He considers the Lectionary Psalms to be the Church's link with the Jerusalem Temple. In his spare time, he studies the Scriptures, spends time with his family, and learns about audio programming.

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